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"Connectors for LED applications" Demo box


From now on, Fischer Elektronik is offering a "Connectors for LED applications" demo box. This demo box contains PCB connectors which can be used for instance in LED technology for connecting LED-LINE modules. The box contains male and female headers with gilded or tinned surfaces in 2 and 4 pole variants with grid sizes of 2.54 mm, 2.00 mm and 1.27 mm. The demo box helps customers to get an overview of potential LED contacting solutions using standard connectors. For other standard or customized solutions Fischer Elektronik’s team of product specialists will be pleased to give you any advice you may require. To get your demo box, please visit sales@grandnik.com .


Star-shaped heatsinks for LEDs

High Power LEDs (HP) and High Brightness LEDs (HB) for lighting purposes offer great opportunities for the lighting industry, as LEDs are energy-efficient and potentially highly reliable. In view of the high power density of these HP/ HB LEDs the major challenge is safe and effective heat dissipation, in order to ensure trouble free functioning, good light yield and a long service life. The shape of lamp housings or the positions in which they are situated is often rotationally asymmetric, so that round bodies are required for heat dissipation. In order to dissipate the heat from these LEDs Fischer Elektronik have developed a range of aluminium heatsinks the dimensions of which match the majority of current round housing designs. These heat sinks, which are offered with different diameters and contours, are available in different sections of different lengths to suit specific heat dissipation applications. The LEDs are fastened onto the heat sink using thermally conductive, double sided adhesive tape, 2-component thermally conductive adhesive or screws. In the standard version, the surface is black anodised or of natural colour. In addition to standard heatsinks, specially modified and customized versions are developed and manufactured. For any enquiries or further details, please contact the Fischer Elektronik product specialists. They will be pleased to give you any advice you may require.


Heatsinks for LEDs

In view of the wide spread use of LEDs as indicators and in other lighting applications, a suitable means of heat dissipation is essential for perfect functioning and a long service life.In order to meet the constantly increasing demand for LED heatsinks, Fischer Elektronik have developed several suitable designs. In addition to many standard heatsinks, which may be used for dissipating the heat from LEDs, modified versions and specially designed variations for specific LED systems are available. The LEDs can be attached to the heatsink using screws, double-sided thermally conductive adhesive film or epoxy adhesive, or by soldering. As a certified partner in the OSRAM network 'LED - Light for you', Fischer Elektronik bring their expertise in the field of heat dissipation from LEDs into the partnership, offer advice and support with their application-focussed 'Thermal Management' and produce customized versions and special designs. The Fischer Elektronik product specialists are at your disposal to answer your questions and provide you with any additional information you may require.


New Customized LED heatsinks

LEDs, with their high performance and long service life, are growing exponentially in popularity. This tendency is even enhanced by the increasing efficiency and falling prices. However, to make the best possible use of all the benefits offered by LEDs, effective thermal management is indispensable. To meet this requirement, Fischer Elektronik has developed a special product range: heatsinks for LED applications. In addition to a number of star-type heatsinks with different diameters and contours, it comprises, among other things, pin heatsinks, miniature cooling aggregates and case elements for accommodating LED line modules. Modified heatsink variants and versions specially adapted to customized LED applications are manufactured according to customers’ specifications using advanced CNC machining centres or through extrusion. The LEDs are fastened using double-sided, thermally conductive adhesive, screw fastening or solderable surface coatings.
Current product data sheets and samples are available. For enquiries and further details, please contact the Grandnik product specialists. They will be pleased to give you any advice you may require.


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