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 Retaining Springs for Transistors


-  clip mounting
-  screw mounting
-  lock-in mounting
-  stainless steel


Can help you...

>>  Easy mounting
>>  Optimal heat transfer between  
>>  Component and cooling element
>>  High pressing force and firm grip
>>  Customer specific designs on request


Cooling aggregates with clip fastening for power semiconductors

 Miniature cooling aggregates for use on circuit boards, in sub-racks and in cases yield the maximum heat dissipation in small spaces for powerful electronic components. The market demand for power transistors to be easily installed is met by the use of cooling aggregates with engaging retaining springs for fastening transistors and similar devices. Special groove geometry allows safe fastening of the transistors on the cooling aggregates assembly without screws. 5 different clip sizes are available for differently sized components, and 3 different voltages of the cooling aggregates, i.e. 5V DC, 12V DC und 24 V DC, allow a large range of applications.For enquiries and further details, please contact the Fischer Elektronik product specialists. They will be pleased to give you any advice you may require.


New retaining springs for transistors for fitting to heatsinks etc.

Rapid and easy installation of semiconductor components, e.g. transistors on heatsinks, considerably reduces the assembly costs. For their existing range of heatsinks with special integral groove geometry, Fischer Elektronik have developed further suitable retaining springs. For fitting transistor assemblies to the heatsink, these springs are fastened in the groove, together with the component, simply by locking-in. These new lock-in retaining springs for transistors permit the safe fastening of almost all types and sizes of current housings TO 220, TO 218, TO 247 etc., various SIP, Multiwatt and MAX types without holes on the heatsink in a simple and secure manner and with optimum heat transfer characteristics. Another novelty is spring clips, which are not screw-fastened but clipped onto a plate, onto a wall of the housing or onto the PCB, which keep the transistor safely in place. The range of both versions of retaining springs and the appropriate types of heatsinks is being continuously extended. We will be pleased to advise you on customized versions.


Heatsinks with lock-in transistor retaining springs

Simplified transistor fastening on heatsinks with a reduction in cost is achieved using the new series of extruded heatsinks and lock-in springs made by Fischer Elektronik. The special geometry of the groove in the heatsink allows easy transistor fastening by means of a specially shaped stainless steel spring which is simply snapped in. This type of fastening ensures a firm hold for almost all versions and sizes of transistor cases (TO220, TO218,TO247 etc.), diverse SIP multiwatt and MAX types without holes. The special geometry of the groove in the heatsink in combination with the retaining spring ensures optimum heat transfer between the component and the heatsink. Fischer Elektronik are constantly extending their range of standard heatsinks and adapting them to meet new technical requirements. Customer-specific designs are possible without any problem.




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