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In over three decades in the telecommunications field, TELTONE has accumulated a unique depth of expertise in telephony technologies. Offering products internationally, Teltone designs and markets three product families: Line sharing solutions, telecom test tools & Remote voice solutions.
Telecom Test Equipment
- TSP Edge Telecom Simulation Platform
The TSP Edge gives you high-end telecom test system power in an affordable and scalable package. Offering T1, E1, PRI (North America and Euro protocol) and POTS simulation, extensive programmability, scripting, and more, the TSP Edge is ideal for feature and performance testing applications in R&D, QA, production, demo and training environments.
- TLS-5 Telephone Line Simulator
Teltone's TLS-5 offers four loop start lines, 2 talk paths, PBX features, programmable parameters, and precise call progress tones. Optional features include caller ID, CLASS features, and programmable dial tones.
- TLS-3 Telephone Line Simulator
Teltone's TLS-3B is an inexpensive, two-line simulator for basic feature and performance testing of telecommunications equipment.
Secure Communications
- Teltone Gauntlet
Teltone Gauntlet provides NERC CIP compliance, secure IP and dial-up access to remote access to substation devices, centralized system administration, comprehensive call logging, and Teltone's substation-hardened line sharing technology to keep your equipment safe from intruders.
Line Sharing
- Line Sharing System
The Line Sharing Switch and Polling Controller let you take advantage of the unused capacity of your phone lines by allowing up to four telecommunications devices (phone, modems, fax, etc.) to share a single line. They offer a flexible, cost-effective way to collect data without affecting critical telephone service.
- DS-100 Data Switch
The DS-100 allows users to communicate with up to eight intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) through a single RS-232 serial connection. The DS-100 is designed to be operated by itself, or in conjunction with the Teltone family of Substation Line Sharing Switches. It has been specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of substation use and other hazardous environments.
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